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Professional Dyson Vacuum Repair in Sioux Falls

Having spent more than four decades repairing and servicing vacuum cleaners, we believe we’re fairly well-qualified when it comes to identifying good vacuums. And Dyson vacuums are indeed high-quality machines! They’re reliable, they’re energy-efficient, and they’re poised to remain powerful for a very long time.

But the world has yet to produce any machine which can’t do without regular maintenance. That’s why Dick’s Vacuums is standing by to perform any Dyson vacuum repair or maintenance you might need to keep your carpets clean with minimal effort.

All vacuum cleaners do fundamentally the same thing, although each manufacturer takes their own different approach to vacuum design. But that’s of no matter to Dick’s. Just like we’re intimate with leading vacuum brands including Oreck, Kirby and Electrolux, so too do we know the ins and outs of
every Dyson model in existence. In other words, when you take your Dyson to Dick’s, you’ll benefit from speedy repairs by a professional who already knows his stuff. Learning experiences are pretty rare in our workshop these days!

We’ve got you covered!

Our experience isn’t the only reason for Dick’s speedy service. We stock all the parts we need to repair and maintain Dyson vacuum cleaners right here in our workshop, so we don’t have to wait for the postman before we set straight to work mending our clients’ vacuums. That’s of especially great value to Sioux Falls area business owners, who can count on Dick’s to keep their crucial cleaning equipment in perfect working order.

We service a Dyson just like we would any other vacuum cleaner. Simply drop your unit off at our conveniently located shop near Downtown Sioux Falls. We will closely inspect every square inch of your vacuum to isolate the source of any and all malfunction, and then provide a complete estimate for our services before proceeding further. With your blessing we’ll begin cleaning, repairing and restoring your Dyson back to its original functionality. And with Dick’s, the first time is always the charm!

We’re open six days a week for your convenience, and we also keep a wide selection of bags, belts and filters in stock. Stop by today with your misbehaving Dyson – we’ll proudly straighten it out for you!

1825 E 10th Street
Sioux Falls, SD 57103





Mon-Fri: 9:00am-5:00pm
Sat-Sun: Closed